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Are cars becoming too expensive to own?

The average cost of a new car in theUKwas £14,000 last year and most people don’t have that kind of money lying around. Statistics show that more and more people are borrowing money or buying cars on finance, rather than buying a car outright and this can represent a much better deal.

Is it worth buying a new car?

Brand new cars are notoriously expensive and one of the most alarming aspects of buying a new car is that they start to lose money as soon as you drive your shiny new car off the forecourt. In as little as 12 months, the value of the car can depreciate by around 20 per cent, even if it only has a small number of miles on the clock.

Buying a new car may seem like an attractive option, but you will get much more for your money if you buy a used or nearly new car instead.

What are my options if I can’t afford to buy a car?

If you can’t afford to buy a new car, you’re not alone; thankfully, there are several options available to you to help you reach the target total. One of the most popular options is to take out a car loan; this works in the same way as a standard loan, in that you borrow a set amount of money and then pay it back over a period of time with added interest. Loans are a good idea if you have good credit and you can afford the monthly repayments; if you are planning to take out a loan, make sure you shop around as competition among banks and building societies is fierce and you could save a lot of money by simply doing an Internet comparison.

Another popular option is car finance; finance agreements allow you to pay for your car over a prolonged period of time. In most cases, you put a deposit down and then pay a fixed amount each month until the total cost of the car has been paid; interest will be added to the payment amount unless you are lucky enough to get a 0% finance deal.

If you can’t afford to buy a car, you may wish to consider leasing; the cost of leasing is usually much lower than buying a car on finance and you can switch cars on a regular basis without having to worry about selling your car each time.


If you’re desperate to own a car but you can’t afford to buy one outright, it may be advisable to take out a car loan and have a look at nearly new, rather than brand new cars. Buying on finance can also be a good option but watch out for high interest rates and hidden charges.

Mobile Insurance: Remedy for Accidental Damage

Now a day’s phone has become an inseparable element of our daily life. It is very much difficult for us to spend a single day without phone. It helps us in many ways. It helps to communicate, to browse and search net and many more. So if we lose our phone somehow it creates many problems for us. Robberies, theft and other crimes have become exuberant now a day. Mobile phone is one of the easiest things to clutch when you are out of your home. Because of these reasons mobile phone cover with some insurance plan is very important so that you can have a relief in any such critical situations. It will give us the right value for our money. That is why it is always suggested to insure your phone for accidental damage protection.

But before insuring we have to know how important it is for us to insure our mobile phone. We should know those key factors which will compel us to search and research on the best policy available and spend a few bucks for the right insurance for your mobile phone.

Here are some reasons why you should get your phone insured:

Sometimes, the robber of mobile phone gets creative. He may be using your phone for calling purpose but u will have to pay the bill of those phone calls. Good insurances will surely cover your back in case your mobile phone gets snatched and exploited for fraudulent calls. If the phone had been snatched away from you and then used later, the owner will not be accountable for the setback of those foregoing calls made from that mobile phone. It is known as deceptive call coverage.

Phone insurance can provide you with a replacement mobile phone as soon as possible and you do not have to wait for long. In case of damage, it will not be required to pay any extra money.
When you are traveling abroad, mobile phone insurance will not leave your phone alone overseas. It will be covered also and will give accidental damage protection when you are out of the country for a vacation.

This type of insurance can give you peace of mind also when you misplace your phone somewhere. Mobile phone insurance will also cover sudden technical problems of your mobile phone. It will give you cover when the warranty period is over. This type of insurances will not only give you less headache but also help you to save your money. Just give it a thought, if you have mobile phone insurance you would not be troubled with unnecessary problems and expenses.

So when you are buying a new mobile phone, research for a good insurance for your new mobile phone. Read the terms and conditions carefully and choose the right insurance for your phone. Look for a comprehensive coverage you might face and make sure that the insurance gives you the best accidental damage protection for your phone because no matter how well you prepare yourself for bad situations, it just happens. That is why don’t waste time and get your phone insured.

Examples of the Benefits of vehicles insurance

Basically that insurance in car is normally looked upon as mandatory in the registering additionally, the driving your truck. The speed of insurance plans typically ıs dependent upon exactly what car pay for. The critical elements of keeping track of insurance as a result of each company fluctuate. If we consider the insurance plans types than you can easily often understand that insurance will be made for various things.

The system of insurance is straightforward exactly like you have one pay various amount once the specified period and you will definitely get health benefits if we consider car then simply unluckily in cases where any injury happen you should claim designed for insurance. In that instance lost and burn you’ll find some money for one’s car on top of that. But in general conditions might depend on how much you may be paying and you just are struggling with which small business. There can be some steps which make it easier to pay lesser number of amounts for one’s car insurance plans.

You gets the contact lots of some insurance underwriters from that Yellow Pages as well as get some understanding of different services. Now there is always online factory to which you might get edge, there can be sever websites related to insurance, they advertize their packages not only for on website but probably on thing papers however should grab the authentic tips so you then should invest this can offer benefit on future. Moreover you’ll find the understanding of premium services by many different companies for most services, notably risks blanketed. Typically this will help you to search the application out a very high and the bottom insurance designed for car. Furthermore it is easy to reduce monthly payments after installing a bit of additional features simillar to anti-theft apparatus into car, automatic harley seat belts and even airbags inside your cars to provide a safety safety measure.