Client Crash Course

Taking clients out for an afternoon of golf is a great way to get to know each other and have some fun while talking business. There are many things that you can do to wow your clients on the green. These are quick and easy and are sure to leave an impression.

Golf Balls

Golf balls do not have to be fancy to have a good day on the course, but a little creativity can help to impress your clients. Logo golf balls are one of the best options. You can get golf balls with your company logo on them and this will leave your logo imprinted into your client’s minds. You can also give them some at the end of the day. They are sure to remember you since you went through the trouble to get customized golf balls.

Provide a Warmup and Some Caddies

You do not want to head immediately to the course, so provide some time to warmup. Something like 60 driving range balls is enough to get the day started out right. Here is where you can start to slowly ease into getting to know each other and get a little business talk in.

Getting a few caddies will help to make the day more relaxing. Walking the green is great exercise, but your focus here is the client and to make sure that he or she is having as much fun as possible. Plus, if you share a golf cart with your potential client, this would be the perfect time to talk shop. Cutting out the walking, carrying your own bags and getting set up gives you more time to impress.

Have Food Involved

Before hitting the green, you and your clients can sit down to a nice brunch. This would not be a heavy meal, but a relaxed and casual way to start talking and break the ice. This will also help to give everyone energy to make it through the course. Then, following the game have lunch ready for your guests. After a long day of golfing they will be hungry. This would also be an ideal time to get more into the business you chatted about on the course and will allow you to show some brochures, idea materials and other things that could help persuade the clients that you are the right guy or gal for the job.

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